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Citadel Firearms Institute

Texas License To Carry

Mandatory Equipment for the Proficiency portion of the course

(The equipment is needed when reporting to the range on the time and date indicated by the instructor)

  • Eye protection that covers the complete area of the participant’s eyes including the sides. Prescription glasses are ok.  Extreme dark glasses will not be accepted (if we cannot see your eyes we will ask you to not use them).
  • Over the ear hearing protection (muff type, electronically enhanced are recommended, but not mandatory) to cover the ear and the area behind the ear.
  • Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap).
  • Footwear must cover the entire foot (no sandals, high heels, open toe shoes, flip flops, etc).
  • Wear a shirt with a collar to the range to protect yourself from flying hot brass.
  • Ammunition
    • You will need 50 rounds for each sidearm that you intend to qualify with, as well as additional ammunition should you fail to qualify the first time.
    • Only S.A.A.M.I.  Approved ammunition will be allowed.
      • Winchester / Olin.                                       Remington.
      • Federal / American Eagle.                         Hornady.
      • Blount / C.C.I. / Speer.                                 Fiocchi .
      • UltraMax /Accurate.                                    4W ammunition.
      • Black Hills.                                                    PMC
      • NO MagTech, MagSafe or Monarch Ammunition please.
      • Handguns:
          • One Revolver of at least .32 caliber (No push off on single action will be accepted) the revolvers can be Single or double action.
            The restriction on what firearm you can carry depending on what you used to qualify is no longer active in the state of Texas.
          • One semi-automatic of at least .9mm caliber (.380ACP is acceptable).
          • All firearms should be in good working condition and have no modification(s) that will make them unsafe to use.
          • Make sure you are familiar with your firearm. BE SAFE…You hold everyone’s safety in your hands…!
          • No Optical or laser enhancements will be allowed.
          • There is not time allotted for zeroing handguns in the class or during the proficiency portion.

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