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    “I walked away from my private LTC course at Citadel Firearms Institute a
    different person - for the better. Jorge\'s training was outstanding and
    comprehensive, covering everything from the safe and proper handling of the
    firearm, to situational awareness, the possibility of various threats and
    use of force that may be required, the consequences and ramifications of
    pulling the trigger, legal protection with Texas Law Shield in the event of
    the use of deadly force, Texas regulations, and use of the firearms at his
    on-site firing range. Not only did this course change my life, but I now
    have more confidence in my skills, knowledge, and handling of the firearm
    and am well prepared to defend myself and my family should the need arise.
    For anyone looking for the absolute highest quality of training and
    affordability, Citadel is it. I will be back for additional training in the
    ~by T. Xander
     Austin, Tx.