Handgun Basic Orientation

Handgun Basic Orientation

We recommend this as a first step for the new gun owner, those who have never had formal training, or for those who have not trained with a handgun in a long time.

This course provides the very foundation of knowledge and skill necessary to safely handle handguns in a comfortable learning environment.

This informational course covers many topics including the purchase, storage, transportation, carry and cleaning of a firearm.

Duration: 1 day / 4 hours (3 hrs in classroom / 1 hrs at the range).


  • Responsible Firearms Ownership
  • Applications of the Handgun (Self defense, sports, hunting, etc).
  • Components and Operation of Modern Pistols and Revolvers
  • Types, Components, and Purposes of Modern Ammunition
  • Safe Use and Handling of Firearms
  • Administrative Loading and Unloading of pistols and revolvers
  • Firearms Safety for the home, workplace, and vehicle
  • Locking Devices and Techniques for Firearms to Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Preventative Maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)
  • Fundamentals of Basic Shooting Techniques
  • Ready Positions
  • Safety Concerns and Practices While Training and While Carrying a Firearm
  • Potential Dangers (penetration, ricochet, accidental discharges, etc.)
  • General Guidelines on interstate travel with firearms
  • Applicable Laws relating to the possession, transportation, and storage of firearms

Estimated round count: 100-200 rounds


Please wear long pants with pockets, closed toe shoes (no flip flops or sandals), and a crew neck (T-shirt) or button-up shirt (no low-cut v-neck), also a cap or hat with a brim. Bring water to stay hydrated during the range time.

You may bring your own handgun, holster, and mag pouch. Calibers allowed include .380, .38SPL, 9MM, .357SIG, .40S&W, and .45ACP. Revolver shooters should bring a minimum of four speed loaders, moon clips or speed strips



Tuition includes the following:

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  • From the Range


    My wife and I want to thank you for making us feel comfortable and at ease being our first time handling firearms.
    I wish that all gun stores had your attitude it would make finding the perfect firearm a whole lot easier.

    I have already made several phone calls to family and friends to let them know about our experience with you an the Institute.
    You made us feel like more than students you treated us as we were family.
    We are definitely coming back to take the other recommended classes.

    May God continue to bless you and your family but mostly to keep you safe.
    Thank you for everything and we will see you soon.

    Regards The Parks family.”
    ~by Curtis and Cynthia P.
     Taylor, Tx