Shotgun Basics

Shotgun Basics

This course introduces the new shotgun owner, or anyone interested in learning about the modern shotgun the ins and outs of proper ammunition selection, safety, handling, loading, unloading, firing, and maintenance of both semiautomatic and pump-action shotguns. The course material is presented in relaxed and safe environment with sufficient classroom and range instruction for each student to achieve a solid level of comfort.

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Duration: 1 day / 4 hours (3hr Classroom / 1hr Range)


  • Responsible Ownership, safe use and handling of the Shotgun
  • Firearms Safety for the home, workplace, and vehicle
  • Safety Concerns and Practices While Training and While Carrying a Firearm
  • Locking Devices and Techniques for Firearms to Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Potential Dangers (penetration, ricochet, misidentification, accidental discharges, etc.)
  • Components and Operation of Modern Shotguns
  • The Fundamental of Basic Shooting Techniques
  • Types, Components, and Purposes of Modern Shotgun Ammunition
  • Ready Positions
  • Administrative Loading and Unloading of shotguns
  • Preventative Maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)
  • Applicable Laws relating to the possession, transportation, and storage of firearms
  • General Guidelines on interstate travel with firearms




Tuition includes:

    • 10% discount for Shotgun Intermediate Course
    • 20% discount for Defensive Shotgun Course

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