At the Citadel Firearms Institute, we believe it is our responsibility to offer the highest level of professional firearms training available in the State of Texas.  That is why we’ve developed the most professional training academy combining real world scenarios with state-of-the-art simulators in a safety-first and family friendly environment.

As a firearms owner, you have an obligation to be safe and responsible, when it comes to purchasing and handling firearms, the questions are endless, at the Academy we are there every step of the way. Our programs are designed to address multiple skill levels arming you with the latest knowledge and training techniques increasing your confidence while improving your proficiency, whether your goals are learning basic firearms safety, advancing your shooting skills, or training your mind and body for self-defense, Success starts at the Citadel Firearms Institute.

The Citadel Firearms Institute is a unique experience designed to set new standards for those seeking to improve their skills and safety at an affordable price. From the novice gun owner to the advanced firearms practitioner, we have a course designed for you. The Citadel Firearms Institute uses state-of-the-art laser technology that was previously only available for law enforcement and military personnel.

We offer:

•  Comprehensive classroom training – Providing tactical knowledge in a very practical way.

•  Interactive class environment that will not put you to sleep.

•  Laser and airsoft simulators – The perfect fusion of technology and training.

•  Real world scenarios – Placing students in the real world allowing for a better learning experience.

•  Private Live Fire Range – on site – Conveniently located and accessible thru all major highways.

•  Debriefings – Instructor provided feedback to help increase the student proficiency and confidence.

• Snacks and Drinks are provided at no cost.

• Discounts offered to Military, Law Enforcement,  Fire-EMS and Teachers.  Contact us via e-mail for  the codes 

Note: The Discount Codes do not apply  to the LTC-101 Qualifications.



Texas  LTC $100
We have GIFT CERTIFICATES for 2019
Valid for 3 Months 



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