Handgun Rentals

Each firearm can be rented one time per class. Once the handgun is rented it is no longer available for the class.

Each handgun has been cleaned and is  ready to use.

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  • citadel-chl-92a1 Rental: Baretta 92A1

  • citadel-chl-emp40 Rental: Springfield EMP40

    Out of Stock

  • citadel-chl-glock36 Rental: Glock 36

  • citadel-chl-m22 Rental: ISSC M22
    (.22lr Glock Clone)
    Order ISSC M22 (.22lr Glock Clone) Rental 1 Available Per Class @ $20.00

  • citadel-chl-ruger-klcr357 Rental: Ruger LCR 357
    Order Ruger LCR 357 Rental 1 Available Per Class @ $20.00

  • citadel-chl-sigp228 Rental: SIG SAUER P228

  • citadel-chl-sigp250 Rental: SIG SAUER P250

  • citadel-chl-taurusmodel66 Rental: Taurus Model 66 Revolver

    Out of Stock

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